About Oregon East

Thanks for taking a few minutes to look around. This tumblr blog features images, stories and other items related to the Eastern side of Oregon, a region noted for a marked contrast to the West side of the state. Things are just a little different out here. All content here is either

  • original (my own work), 
  • reblogged from original Tumblr sources, 
  • a small, cited editorial snippet allowed under copyright law,
  • used by permission under an appropriate Creative Commons License,
  • used by consent from the copyright holder, or
  • believed to be in the public domain. 

If you believe that I have infringed your copyright in any way, and you can provide evidence of ownership, please contact me and I will immediately remove your material. My ultimate goal is to showcase meaningful, relevant content while honoring artists’ rights. 

Enjoy the view. It’s more than just a rodeo, folks.